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Monday, February 22, 2010


I read this on an internet entheogen forum the other day. It is quite amazing that these conversations go on over such great distances. Human beings are so amazing.At times I am just flattened by the reality that so many people have access to so much medicine, and how this is effecting people. I trust that spirit guides these people in ways I cannot imagine, and i know that it guides them in ways that helps the world, and i think you can feel that from the words below.

Question: Greetings to all,
A friend has been tempting me to try the sacred cacti (peruvian torch), but Im a little resistant because of the duration and since Aya has worked so well as an ally thus far. So I would appreciate any comments and advice.
What I mainly want to know is how the healing compares with Aya. The day after Aya I always feel thoroughly healed and extremely mood elevated. Is that aspect present in the cacti?
Any admonitions are welcome.

Answer: If you feel depleted or tired after working with the cactus it means its not done working with you, and you must go back to it to get more work done. Then you do, and you still might be tired or exhausted the next day... you may have seen the sun rise and this may have brought the power of the cactus to you for a few more hours giving you a look at what more you must do to get cleaned up and clear. So then you go back... this time you give more to the cactus then it gives to you, and you bloom, you flower, and after that you are no longer tired, you are well and you are well for a long time. there is no next day feeling fine healing... it goes on for the rest of your life, but for months after words you have this strong glowing inner power that attracts others that need healing, some people who you never have met or will meet again, think of you as holy, and this is the first time that had ever crossed their minds.
you are changed and you can feel it...
it requires perseverance and patience, much like the cactus it self needs to grow and finally bloom.


Forest Goblin said...

I like the answer. It sounds like a really nice process.

little lightening bolt said...

I like it too...